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Working from home means more energy use - We can help!

The world has changed, and we are all adapting. In the past few weeks, people are fining themselves working from home. Kids are doing their school classes on video conferencing, and yes, even ONIT Energy USA has been preforming in-home VIRTUAL CONSULTATIONS with customers all over the country!

It's a unique time in our country's history; in a word, unprecedented. In a few weeks, the entire country will be getting their energy bills for one of the most opulent, gigabyte-chugging, data-throttling months in the history of the country. In short, you are going to have a higher energy bill. Side note, you've watched Tiger King three times, and are probably watching it right now... but I digress.

If you have had to start working from home, you will need a comfortable work environment. Brewing a second pot of coffee, and you may be cranking up the heat, or AC to your preferred temperature. If you are working in the basement, you will need lighting to make sure you can virtually attend your meetings or talk to customers. You will also be using more power to keep your computers charging and printers printing. These may seem insignificant, but they will add up and you will notice it on your next energy bill, if you haven't already.

There are a few energy saving tips we can provide that should help to keep your power-use on the lower side of the spectrum.


First things first - activate and adjust the Power Management Systems Settings on your laptop or PC. As for your computer of choice, we recommend sticking to the laptop which uses much less energy. Your laptop can help cut your online energy use down by a third.


Smart home automation is a great way to cut back on energy use. Remote thermostats can cut down your heating or cooling (like automatically shutting down when you leave the house for your daily walks). Smart lighting can also be set to trigger on or off as you enter or leave a room. Connect with ONIT Smart Home to get a quote on a new smart home system for your home with NO MONEY DOWN.


Water usage, and energy usage can go hand in hand. Running you washing machines and dishwashers when they’re totally full will save water, and money. If you have to run your washing machines multiple times, or on hot, or do smaller loads because they just don't get clean enough, it may be time for a water softening system. Connect with ONIT Water to get a free quote today.


If you want to make the biggest impact with conserving energy, connect with ONIT Energy USA. Call today and start saving money with a solar energy system. 682-284-1174


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