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The Sun is Shining, The Temp is Rising ...but your energy bill doesn't have to!

This year, with so much uncertainty within the economy and local governments requesting folks to stay home more often, everyone is looking for ways to save money while keeping their home cool and comfortable in the hot weather. This crucial need drives many Americans to blast the air conditioning nonstop in the summer months. This demand for more energy automatically increases the demand for power from the grid which in turn makes electricity rates spike and your energy bill spike even higher!

This is why upgrading to solar panels becomes a much more affordable long-term option for Americans every year. This investment is known to save families thousands of dollars on electric bills in the near future.

According to studies, as many as 87% of U.S. households used some form of air conditioning in recent years, up from 68% in 1993. In fact, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that 18% of annual residential electricity use is for air conditioning, and it also forecasts that the average American homeowner will spend over $400 throughout this year’s summer cooling season (June-August).

If you decide to install Onit solar panels on your roof, you can offset some or all of the costs you might end up paying for electricity this summer and next. See, during this season, the days are longer and sunnier. Meaning, your system will generate more power, more savings. The tax credit is set to expire in 2021 too, so there is no better time than NOW to get these solar panels installed and working to your financial advantage!

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