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Solar Energy Benefits

Before adding a solar array to your home or your business, it may be helpful to know what some of the benefits are beyond reducing your carbon footprint. There are some facts and figures that will help you make a more informed decision about making the jump into the solar power energy world.


As of 2019, more than 100 of the top Fortune 500 companies have implemented some sort of solar solutions in their corporate offices, headquarters and regional office buildings. This also includes some of the biggest brands and companies you have more than likely heard of, and are more than likely using their products and services – Apple, Kohls, IKEA, Costco, Walmart and Microsoft to name a few. Commercial solutions end up saving these companies thousands in energy usage each month, but how does this translate into savings for your home?


Over 400,000 homes in America are also using solar power to cut down their energy costs. With an average household of 3 people per home, this means that over 1.2 million people are using some form of residential solar power to charge their phones, tablets, laptops and heck, even charge their smart cars!


Market data reporting from EnergySage states that the average commercial property owner in the US can reduce overall energy costs by up to 75% using solar. According to these reports, the average commercial property owner paid an estimated $1,950 monthly before going solar. In contrast, after installing solar energy systems, the average spend dropped to around $500.

Solar energy provides your home and business the opportunity to drastically decrease their operational costs now. It will also help keep your energy costs in check for years to come. With traditional energy costs always increasing, the sun will never start charging more per watt for your solar array. With a more locked-in, fixed cost, you will save more and more money each year.

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