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Did you know that there’s finally a battery pack system that doesn’t break the bank? We know that a big concern when considering solar is: what if the AC electricity goes out during inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances?

Here’s a little background before we tell you about the InergyTek Battery Pack System:

Your solar energy is powered by our solar panels. These panels consume the sun’s energy in order to create direct current (DC) electricity. However, since most businesses and houses run on alternate current (AC) electricity, DC electricity is converted to AC electricity through an inverter. Once solar energy is converted to AC electricity, it, in turn, provides electricity for your home. This means that solar panels cannot serve as a backup to your home if AC electricity should go out during inclement weather or other circumstances. Additionally, solar energy cannot be used in the case of a power outage in order to protect our local utility repairmen working to restore power.

This is why we encourage you to get get a backup battery like the InergyTek Battery Pack System or even the Tesla Power Wall. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the Tesla Power Wall as a backup option.

The InergyTek Battery Pack System is an affordable way to protect your home, should the power go out for a lengthy period of time. Per their website:

The Flex™ 1500 Power Station is the most versatile portable and modular solar energy platform in the world. It is also the lightest and most compact modular power platform there is. The Flex

1500 Power Station is composed of the Flex 1500 Power Console + one Flex Battery. Coupled with the MPPT Supercharger, it can charge faster than any comparable solar system out of the box. The Flex 1500 Power Station gives you the freedom to gather, store, and use clean, renewable power whenever and wherever you need it.

We are a proud partner of InergyTek and encourage you to get more information about this versatile solar energy platform. Contact us here!


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