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Flexible Solar Panels

With people being more aware of their carbon footprint, and making conscious choices to live "greener" lives, solar energy has been growing in popularity. A solar array may be the smart way to power your home, but it can also start saving you money on your energy bill on the very first day.

The technology is getting better, more effective and dropping in cost. New solar panels can be made up of flexible, lightweight material that can be sized to fit any roof. This is good news for people that may have thought their unconventional roof would not generate enough power with a solar array. The goal is to make EVEY home viable for solar energy, and this new technology will help add solar systems to every roof! The more people that are able to benefit from solar technology, the more renewable energy the sun can generate.

Looking into the future of the solar energy, it may be helpful to look back at what makes a solar panel work. In short, the photovoltaic cells (PV cells) in solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into electricity. Once your solar panels are installed, they cost little to maintain and if you live in areas that are not pummeled by snow, they only need to be cleaned every 3-4 months.

However, there are some disadvantages of solar technology: in order to be effective, solar panels require to be exposed to sunlight in abundance, and therefore aren’t always considered necessary in cooler climates. Cold temperatures are actually GOOD for your panels, and your system can still generate power cloudy and rainy days. However, if you live in a mostly sunny climate like Florida or Texas, you can be sure that solar panel power generation will be beneficial.


In a move that will slow down climate change tremendously, scientists have developed breakthrough solar technology in the form of perovskite solar cells (PSC). Unlike the conventional silicon-based solar cells, the eArche Solar Panel (pictured) are made from a perovskite-structured compound which is “printed” using industrial printing technology.

These panels are made to be lightweight, ultra-thin and flexible; they can be customized, cut and moulded to fit all manner of surfaces, including curved surfaces. Perovskite cells are cheaper to produce than conventional solar panels, because the manufacturing process requires less energy.


- Lightweight and ultra-thin

- 75% lighter than conventional solar panels.

- Flexibility - they can be bent and moulded to any surface.

- Cost Effective

- High performance

With three different options to cover the cost of your system, this is a great time to look into solar power for your home. Call ONIT Energy USA today to learn more: 682-284-1174


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